sop for hospital billing

The SOP’s for Surgical ICU patient care and equipment maintenance are exclusively written by Dr. Jawad Zaheer, Assistant Professor Anesthesia Department, Holy Family Hospital. Patient check-in and check-out are relatively straight-forward front … SOP-IP-01 : Grooming Standards SOP-IP-02 : General Procedures SOP-IP-03 : Admission Procedure SOP-IP-04 : Discharge Procedure SOP-IP-05 : Ward Transfer Procedure SOP-IP-06 : List of Important Instrument Sets SOP-IP-07 : Infectious and Isolation Policies SOP-IP-08 : Infection Control Policies SOP-IP-09 : Roles and responsibilities of Nursing Staff C Treatment File SOP-EC-016 : Patient Reference Forms SOP-EC-017 : Investigation Requisition Form, Healthcare SOPs - Finance Department SOP-FN-001 : Billing Procedures Policies SOP-IM-002 : Policies 

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