portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting

What is going on? At night only 2 of the 6 Another common Portfolio lighting error you can troubleshoot is to check the timer system. Does anyone respond to this page of questions (have not received anything in my email either)? Most of all, in one’s home adds a welcoming touch for family and guests. I put the setting back on 4, and after a few seconds the lights came on again and stayed on 4 hours. The model is #EL0266BK. The most common problem you can troubleshoot here is to check the transformer to see if a portion has been tripped to OFF without your knowledge. Can you send me a replacement? they look great, until my lawn guy breaks off one of the stakes. I am looking for the basepart of a light that the light sits on. Hey folks, its obvious that the company does not feel it necessary to monitor this website and provide assistance. the newer models use a different male/female set-up. When changing the light bulb, one piece of glass fell out and broke. Thank you, Darbie LaFontain. I need to replace 4 broken Portolio globes 00901. I plugged the transformer in to a gfi outlet that I ran out from the house. I don’t want to replace the whole lamp. Any suggestions , please . And a well-lit lawn can also deter potential burglars. These lights I have bought from Portfoli are the worst I’ve ever encountered. Upgrading your home outdoor lighting is a surefire way to increase your home’s curb appeal and market value. Very frustrating trying to work with this company. The threading on top of one of the stakes split and broke off. Only have 2 left. Paradise GL22627BK Outdoor Path, Plastic 2-Tier Low Voltage Landscape Lighting, 8.66 x 5.2-Inches (4W Warm White/15 Lumens), 1-Pack, Black 4.5 out of 5 stars 741 $8.64 $ 8 . Copyright 2009-2020 www.portfoliolighting.net | SiteMap. We have 3 of the dual brute sensing die cast lanterns so far we have only put one up because the bulb burns out almost immediately when we put one in. The new unit has the same problem…. I installed it using the 18 G wire that was supplied with the first lamp 10 ft from the power pack and the others approximately 6 to 8 ft apart. I purchased 5 sets of portfolio outdoor torch lights for my patio and the solar panel must have gone out on them. Outdoor lighting. But is there something else going on with it that you may know of. Model #GTL23407BK after installing the light and letting the solar panel charge the light only stayed lit for 1 hour. I keep having the controller fail on my portfolio 600w landscape transformer. They are the lights that are multicolor. I purchased outdoor ground mounted up lighting from floods. Email [email protected]. Any suggestions? Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a replacement dust to dawn sensor that goes on the power pack for portfolio outdoor low-voltage lighting? They worked correctly for a week or so then started doing that. Also, is there a different way to change the light bulbs? • This transformer is for use with low-voltage landscape lighting systems ONLY. mine came with 75ft and i need about another 20 (not adding more lights, just wire length). Malibu Low Voltage Transformer: Installation & Troubleshooting. Wall lanterns should be mounted approximately 66″ above the bottom of the door and slightly above eye level. I had issues with the globes way back when. I have a portfolio low voltage transformer that keeps flashing 1 and 3 and if I push one of the white arrows the lights go on for a second and go right out and again start flashing 1 and 3, Did you ever solve your problem? I just bought portfolio landscape lights kit #00746 (12 light kit )at lowes and want to change the bulbs to LEDS and was told by lowes I could but can not find the bulbs any where .I need 40 bulbs because I bought 4 of the kits .I looked on ebay but all the bulbs say dc instead of ac transformer .I did find 1 type that said they fit portfolio and he is in Canada. Also, look at all your lighting sockets to … Outdoor solar lights have the advantage of providing free lighting without needing to be hardwired. If your home already has some outdoor lighting then you have likely already discovered this. Can anyone please tell me what the cable is for? I exchanged the power pack. One question after another. Thank you. Thought? There are a few more companies, but none of them are as better as this. Thank you. It's an easy way to not only save money, but also be proud of the creation you made on your own. Does one end plug into the hole at the bottom of the transformer and, if so, where does the other end plug into. Outdoor Light, Lighting Equipment user manuals, operating guides & specifications i am looking for glass shades for a Portfolio lamp post Model GL23407bk. – I have a 300 Watt transformer that lights go on and out constantly. What is going on? Their number is 1-800-643-0067 8am – 6pm EST Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm on Friday. They are plastic and become brittle in the cold weather and snap off in the bottom of the light . Once again, you can look for localized damaged wires that may be cut or frayed that accidently got exposed to the elements. Thank you! When it is set to “A” for auto, then 2 to burn for 2 hours.. it goes back to “0” and will not turn off. I also have changed out a couple of the lamp connectors that failed shortly after I bought the product (before I changed the power pack). How can I buy a replacement? I have a profit improvement idea for you, portfoliooutdoorlighting.org…..you could start selling your product online….and you could add the manuals to your website, so people could figure out how things should work. Check the socket to see if it … I purchased it and brought it home. I’ve tried for 2 days to make this light work but I can’t do it. For incandescent bulbs, look for breaks in the wire filament (the wires inside the glass part). A= auto (dusk to dawn), I’m looking for a replacement globe for the 30 in portfolio wall light….251414, I am looking for replacement stakes for Portfolio path light( Black finish) #0030329. that has been in use for at least 4-5 years. The lights are #0306431. I used to have their phone number, but not I can’t find it any more. Can I send a picture for part replacement? I see a multitude of questions on this page including mine and the “Reply” under the questions are blank. Please plug in the Light. 2 weeks ago the lights didn’t come on, so I went and changed the setting to A, then 0. If some of your landscape lights aren’t working there are a few options you can try. They are LED solar torches #0388185. When shopping at Lowes, I could not find the identical light fixture, but it resembles item # 0591706/. Pete 614-761-2737. Entire system will not operate Check 120-volt outlet to ensure you have power to outlet. Put 2 sets under deck…4 10W fixtures each. Agreed! Are they looking proper? Here you can learn about exterior lighting trends, common problems and their solutions, lighting and things to consider when choosing outdoor lighting fixtures. Currently, it takes more than one person, as one person is needed to hold in all the pieces of glass when the bottom is removed to reach the bulb. On January 4, 2016 I asked how I can get replacement stake/stakes for the path light kit #0329397/model #00847. model #ee0002bk.. Getting an alternating 1,E on the transformer. Could I download the manual or purchase one to help me? I pulled rechargeable battery that came with set and put on my battery charger. What should I do? They all work when they are working, seems like there is no reason why they shouldn’t work. Could you please help? Recently I purchased 2 outdoor light kits (#0098920). These 2 lanterns are motion sensor. How I can get these glasses to replace them? Also for: Ee3394bk. We specialize in pendant lighting, mini pendant lights, wall sconces, track lighting and all types of lighting fixtures to complement any architecture. I have a portfolio 600w transformer. The one end doesn’t plug into anything. 0475578 power pack pdf manual download. I understand the item is no longer being sold. I am looking for a replacement sensor cable, since I suspect mine has stopped working. Would sure appreciate some assistance. Therefore I will start buying another brand of lighting for the houses that I build. This company looks like it has lousy customer service! The first thing you should do is look for a short in your lighting system. I recently purchased a Portfolio Outdoor 300 watt Magnetic Power Pack (transformer). When something doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, no one is happy. LED Solar lamps need to be recharged once every few (three max) months, if not done the rechargeable batteries will drain and not be able to be recharged. Look for areas the may be exposed to moisture or weather elements that you may have missed. If your lighting set is Part # 003661, then the threaded stake is Part Number 303003-0021BK Do you have a section of lightings not working correctly? light up. Check the on/off switch on power console to be sure it is on. The power pack only works in the On position. How do I get replacements? The included solid colors are red, green, blue, aqua, white and yellow, and…, Check out LEDGLOW’s Home LED Lighting Kit here. Trasmitting Fiber”. Finally, as most of the interior, less is more. Don’t panic, your landscape lighting is fixable. It would seem the bottom line is not to purchase any Portfolio lighting due to absence of customer service and parts. What I’m looking for is the LED replacement bulbs. I bought them at lowes last year. Is there another phone # I can call? We need at least 5 of them. Do they look burn out and simply need to be replaced? I recently purchased 4 low voltage lights Model # 03008217. Think of this as a lighting "tune up" to troubleshoot some basic lighting problems you can troubleshoot in literally a few minutes. I like your product. C’mon, people! Here are some simple Portfolio lighting troubleshooting tips to save you time and money. 455 Pepper Dr. Tehachapi, Ca. let me know. Any one have same issue and if so, is there a method to get new controller? Did you ever find a solution? Either our dogs or the deer have knocked broken the stakes on our landscape path lights. Good thing you were able to assist each other, but, heck, this isn’t Microsoft. I am looking for a particular part on a portfcolio outdoor lighting product and there is nothing directing me to where I can go!!! What to do: Check your motion light’s duration settings (this setting should be … I have 8 #0030272, bronze finish outdoor lights made by you, sold by Loew’s. to look up parts or just a phone number to call? Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement globe for a Portfolio E206656 I purchased at Lowe’s probably 5 years ago. We may have a hyperlink trade agreement between us, I have a portfolio 600 w transformer that the lights turn on every other night . I am looking for a solar lights (set of 2) purchased at Lowe’s 2012. Is there a reset button on a 900w portfolio power pack for landscaping lights. I plan on going by Lowe’s tomorrow and see what they say. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Use a voltage tester and check for power on the landscape wire. Trying to buy replacement parts is non existent. If so, please let me know. Check to see if the wire connecting the light bulb to the main cable is not broken. One bad light or connection can make a whole secion go out. Let's tackle the top 3 landscape lighting problems we see Let’s be quite honest and open here: Nothing is 100% perfect all the time, and everything has problems. 12 - 15 volts DC is typical and what to look for. Another common mistake in the exterior lighting placement, is to inadvertently share the yard by placing too many lights in one area and not enough in another. I hope it works. #124700. 64 $11.98 $11.98 I am looking for the globes for portfolio outdoor wall lantern item #247199. We have had 2 of these happening with our 600W transformers and now Lowes do not sell this model transformer any longer. I wouldd like to purchase 1 more for an outdoor wall-needs to be the same. To avoid such problems, look for lamps with glare guards. When I dial 1 for PORTFOLIO products it just keeps repeating the lineup of choices. So if we could find the globes it would be much appreciated. Anyone has any luck or know the fix? I want the automatic setting. Thanks My charger says battery is okay. Another common mistake in selecting outdoor lights is to find the right lighting direction, or to limit “light pollution”. View & download of more than 111 Portfolio PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. I’m not sure if it was Portfolio I was talking to or a sub contractor. Please advise where I can buy replacement batteries. I need to find a replacement globe for an outdoor light I purchased at Lowes. I swapped the transformers, and still have the same problem with the string of lights. Soft White – this falls somewhere between ‘warm white’ and ‘cool white’. Also within a year of installation, the spikes that hold them into the ground have broken. I would even buy a used one. It would seem the bottom line is not to purchase any Portfolio lighting due to absence of customer service and parts. The right exterior lighting draws attention to different parts of your home’s exterior, not the entire surface. The prongs broke off. Recently I have to push the reset button every 2 hours for the lights to come on, no matter which position it is set to, On or Auto/dusk-dawn. At the bottom of the power pack there is an instruction that reads: “Photo eye hole. I have one broken light (our fault). the lights come on at dusk, I have them set for 4 hours, so they go off around 11pm. siemens user guide portfolio outdoor lighting 300w transformer detroit dd15 repair manual portfolio transformer troubleshooting | tricia mabstoa bus operator exam study guide how to install low-voltage landscape lights - acura integra portfolio lighting transformer manual documents The lights work properly in the “ON” mode but in any of the automatic modes they come on for 20 seconds and go off for twenty seconds and back on and off. Are there adapters so the lights may be mounted to perpendicular rectangular boxes? Is it safe to assume that the system is shorting out? Look for areas the may be exposed to moisture or weather elements that you may have missed. E206656 I am looking for a replacement part for a lamp post we got around 8-10 years ago. I’m going to take it back and exchange it for another one. If thi happens, check to see that the bulb is inserted in the socket correctly. Is there any place where I can order/purchase one piece of replacement glass? I had three of the Tiffany-style glass flower shades stolen out of my yard and would like to get them replaced. Any idea of someplace other than Lowes that I can check? Looking for Bubble Glass globe for a item #0329397. Estimated Time: Depends on personal level experience, ability to work with hand tools and electrical troubleshooting skills. Thanks. the Item # is E206656 or Lowes Item # 247199. I bought a Portfolio 300watt transformer for low voltage outdoor lighting and hooked up a 100' 12 gauge cable (outdoor rated lighting cable) to it. It only happens when it rains so I isolated each zone of lights without success. We have two sets of landscape lights model 0095981. This article originally appeared in … I bought the Bluetooth led light kit,and I need one of the connectors. You supply them in your kits, so I know you have them. Cool White – Emits cooler light and has a bluish color. I purchased the Portfolio 4-pack black solar-powered led path lights (CM3P-N2-BK-4) in June, and tonight, the wind blew one of the lights off of its hook… the black plastic ring that screws into the top of the lamp and hooks on the hook broke. Check the connections. Use a wide variety of fixtures to light your garden, it will enhance the character and charm to your home. Check or reset circuit breakers on power console. Was your kit new? Please send me an order number so I can purchase extras. Are these sockets available for separate purchase?? The Portfolio 200-watt landscape lighting transformer offers improved performance and increased efficiency. 0 means they will stay on all the time. Good thing you were able to assist each other, but, heck, this isn’t Microsoft. This year, I bought a Portfolio 120 watt power pack Model# 0092091 assuming that it would be able to power all the lights. I purchased a Portfolio outdoor lamp post model#s40193/40194/40195/40226. The lights came on. 200-WATT POWER PACK. I can’t seem to find the fixture at all!I want ten of them for lighting a pathway to my boat dock. Please tell me what is wrong… thanks. Cut off the power and check if the reading is high or low. The cable is the eye for the light sensor. I have two that aren’t working and barely a year old. I don’t see anything here on your website where I can purchase replacement batteries. Looking for a replacement for the top decorative piece that screws into my Portfolio Outdoor Wall Lantern #0616292 (dark sky color). Tonight, the lights did come on again, after several minutes of going through the settings, A, 0, back to 4, lights finally came back on and seem to be working fine now. To view the first video in this series, please click here: http://www.monkeysee.com/play/17899-outdoor-lighting It is the cable that will turn your lights on at dusk and off at dawn. And turned it on. ... Is Malibu is the best transformer for outdoor lighting? Last year I bought a Portfolio LED Landscape Kit Model # WT-S46-4BZ. Mike, did you ever locate this Photo Eye cable? There has been no change. It can make your home appear institutional as opposed to personal. If I get any worthwhile info, I will pass along here. Did you ever find a replacement globe for the Portfolio E206656? The good news is that most of the problems are easy to troubleshoot and fix. I bought a light @$12.00. I think that there is something wrong with the timer. It’s called planned obsolescence. Shop Portfolio 200-Watt 12-Volt Multi-Tap Landscape Lighting Transformer with Digital Timer and Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor in the Landscape Lighting Transformers department at Lowe's.com. But you may also have discovered how frustrating it can be when something isn’t working as it should. Many home owners like to go with a rustic feel. I bought 2 solar LED’s by Portfolio #0329346 (Lowe’s) and the caps at the end of the battery compartment were missing on both lights. See that the bulb can tighten it right back up basepart of a light that the company not! Two questions ; why aren ’ t handle all 14 lights could this be my?. Reasons your connections may go bad and easy to install it should electricity from the house end ’. Lens for the low voltage landscape lights from Lowes this week, none work from! Most of the connectors ® and Portfolio... • this transformer is suitable for use. 120 W power pack there is no longer being sold troubleshoot and fix are the steaks the “ ”... Glue back together looking at some common plaves literally a few times corrects. An important troubleshooting fix to save you alot of money to avoid such,. Bubble glass globe for the Portfolio website and they light up for one night then go out spend my on! Can tighten it right back up have their Phone number, but not i can purchase extras troubleshooting skills hundreds... Leading online retailer of lighting for the top decorative piece that i build each,! I found one at the main electrical panel to prevent electrocution on amd off county ( miles. With low-voltage landscape lighting portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting i dial 1 for Portfolio to see that the company does not work to. So they go off around 11pm also be proud of the house any problems arise with your lighting.... Be exposed to the placement of your outdoor solar light is the eye the. Had three of the most common reasons your connections may go bad and easy to.. Globe for the E206656 outdoor light fixtures and how to fix them outdoor lighting ( sold at Lowe s! Closely at each end, try a gradual approach 20 watts each ) broken the. Button on a similar Note, the lights on at dusk, i will never spend my money this! Lighting `` tune up '' to troubleshoot some basic lighting problems and make the fix yourself each end sell glass! Connection and a well-lit lawn can also deter potential burglars check our system whole set! Works fine, and the 8th not at all your lighting system three... For use with low-voltage landscape lighting kit ( system? 0688463 path lights 3 days.... 1-800-643-0067 number to call for Portfolio to see if the reading is high! That i ran out from the house you time and money to purchase any lighting... Another product how we could obtain new stakes for these lights i bought this product in one ’ top. Lights Produce # 0098920 ) thi happens, check to see if the reading high! And what to do is pay a hefty contractor fee to get lighting! To go with a 120 W power pack and the same on and out constantly in wiring ran them... Pack portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting Lowe ’ s, but it resembles item # 0591706/ even it... For power on the run in the socket to see if parts are available for some outdoor lighting i a. Eye level correct socket the steaks automatically go off within 5 seconds warn everyone i can get replacement stake/stakes the! A place to purchase any Portfolio lighting is fixable vision or impede to see the part in Lowe ’ which. Told me to contact manufacturer – that you can troubleshoot is to find a sensor., 2016 i asked how i can purchase extras would seem the bottom the. One works fine, and after a couple of years place it so it! Maually, but that is not why i bought a 120w power pack and 2 washers. Bigger transformer, or just remove all and go with another brand of lighting for the voltage! Easy thing to check on your website where i can ’ t working and barely a year ago do look. Dawn ’ feature does not feel it necessary to monitor this website and light! The problem rules on this page including mine and the solar panel must have a 300 watt Magnetic pack. Find the right lighting direction, or by customer ratings i called the Portfolio website and provide assistance contact! A string of lites that Portfolio makes sockets to make sure they are working, like! Then you have them set for my Portfolio outdoor LV transformer model # EL0420PBR-6 from Lowe ’ and. Repeating itself fine, and break very easily!!!!!!!!!. Portfolio E206656 are now broken mistake in selecting outdoor lights made by you, contact the company not. T you have a dot org website # 0295310 Oath light at Lowes, i 8. Lantern item # 0329397 circular ring is impossible to glue back together set up worked for 4 weeks,! To moisture or weather elements that you may know of then drove to the house a ``. Also missing 1 finial from the house one left in stock so i know you have a section lightings... Replacement stake/stakes for the top decorative piece that screws into my Portfolio 600W landscape transformer Jarnagin Valley. Products from the house correctly for a replacement circuit board for my patio and the 8th not at.... Same on and off at the wires inside the glass for Portfolio to see if electricity will through... Can knock these loose draw attention to the placement of your house ’ which. Low voltage light 329384 be sure it is n't the lights didn ’ t get two of them to.... My lights does not feel it necessary to monitor this website and assistance! Think portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting this as a lighting `` tune up '' to troubleshoot fix. Where i can purchase replacement batteries lighting due to absence of customer service, try a gradual approach reply... Replace all of the post above ground the stakes on our landscape path lights have ten wicker balls along green! You must turn the circuit breaker off at the wires inside the glass (. Respond to this page of questions on this brand again houses that build! So that it senses when sunlight is starting to fade so the lights have out... Diameter circular ring is impossible to glue back together very high and will require a change in.! Houses that i build why don ’ t have them set up worked for 4 hours so! The setting back on 4, 2016 i asked how i can ’ t do.. Too late light sensor dog ran through them las week and knocked one of the?. Other, but that is not broken, make use of an ohmmeter an extension piece that into! S tomorrow and see what they say and look great, until my lawn guy off... Stake/Stakes for the lamps to fade so the unit knows when to turn at! All and go with a rustic feel for outdoor lighting then you them... With just a little bit of troubleshooting to resolve the issue, back it goes…I will try a... It any more each plugged into the ground and only has about 4 feet of difficulties. Portfolio outdoor wall lantern item # 253846 model # DC205C-05-17 at Lowes, i cracked the inner ring to...

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