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While this isn’t a universal problem, it is a prevalent one. This crediting can generate growth in the cash value of the policy and can provide larger long-term growth rates vs. whole life policies, etc. A participation rate of 70% would deliver that percentage of the index performance. The rate is set by the insurance company and can be anywhere from 25% to more than 100%. According to an analyst with one of the top IUL companies: “You can still use multipliers, par rates, higher caps, [persistency credits] to illustrate up to the actuarial benchmark rate but not any higher when you net out any asset based charges. The simple story is that Allianz sets a maximum illustrated rate for the product using an S&P 500 account without a bonus which, right now, has a 10% cap and 6.15% illustrated rate. How caps and participation rates are determined Individual Life Insurance Insurance products issued by: Minnesota Life Insurance Company Securian Life Insurance Company Many considerations go into determining the cap or participation rate, which can be periodically adjusted. But there is another part of the equation. An IUL is a long term life insurance, investment and retirement vehicle that allows the insurer to invest long term. The bonus is only applied to the S&P 500 annual point-to-point account with a much lower cap. FOUNDATION IUL ® LIFE INSURANCE ... a 15% cap rate and a 0.75% floor rate. Allianz True BalanceSM annual sum 200% 6.50% n/a Fixed allocation2 n/a 4.75% n/a 1Caps and participation rates could be subject to change on any policy anniversary. Floor, Participation and Cap Rates Floor Rate: ... Allianz is tricky when it comes to IUL. IUL Illustration rates will be affected by caps, floors and participation rates of the insurer. After compiling the highest cap rates, among the most favorable were North American, John Hancock, and Allianz, here are a few observations. Max rates use the caps and floors against historical data to determine a reasonable flat rate; however, it is easy to debate the applicability of the interest rate that results from the look back. This is what Life Pro+ Elite took away. Results vary considerably depending on assumptions. The problem with Allianz, like Pac Life, is the product is expensive and several things have to happen to hit the bonus and credits they illustrate. Your cap can vary significantly from one insurance carrier to another. Death Benefit Assumptions. So how did they give it back in the illustration? Depending on the term of an IUL policy, the maximum crediting rate is capped at between 10% to 13%. IUL premium payments are credited with growth according to the policy’s crediting and cap rates. Regardless, a higher interest rate does not necessarily project the highest cash values or death benefit. Some companies offer uncapped potential but have a lower participation rate. You will find different life insurance companies offer different cap rates, depending on the IUL policy and the index chosen. S&P Core, S&P High Cap 100% Participation Rate 55% Participation Rate 60% Blended Index - 140% Participation Rate 60% True Balance - 200% Core Cap Account 0.25% All others 0% Minimum Account Value Guarantee S&P 500 Index S&P 500 Index S&P 500 Index S&P 500® ML Strategic Balanced Index™ ML Strategic Balanced Index™ 1 Year Point to Point Cap Crediting / Persistency Bonus Index Blend … They can’t get you past the benchmark rate so essentially their illustratable value is diminished. The most used and simplest to understand S&P 500 index allocation. Carrier Product Cap Floor AG49 Rate Bonus Interest Credits Multipliers Implied Rate Charge. But in Life Pro+, Allianz applied a 15% bonus on top of the AG49 rate, which resulted in an actual illustrated rate north of 8.1% after year 10. Index Crediting Method Par Rate Cap Rate Spread Rate*Rate Max Illustrated S&P 500® PtP 100% 12.00% None 6.96% S&P 500® Mthly PtP 3.15% None 5.26% S&P 500® PtP W/Spread 100% None 4.25% 6.96% In this case, your investment is tied in an account that underperforms relative to other investments. product details for annuity professionals. These caps can change so it is important to use a carrier that has historically held caps steady. See the attached full product illustration for cap and participation rate information, including guaranteed rates. The most obvious reason being: it is very unlikely that the historical look back will repeat itself exactly in the future. Given a bull market, crediting caps are bound to disappoint policyholders. See the attached full product illustration for cap and participation rate information, including guaranteed rates. Cap rates have generally dropped at least a point or two since I began to actively monitor them in 2011 on my website. The range of these caps is as low as 7% and as high as 16% with the average being around 12%. Thanks to the deadline for updating products to the 2017 CSO table, Indexed UL launches have been fast and furious this fall. The premium payment goes to the policy cash value, fees, and the insurance costs. No less than six products have been rolled out in the last few weeks – AIG Max Accumulator+ 2019, Principal IUL Accumulator II, Allianz Life Pro+ Advantage, Zurich Wealth Builder IUL, Lincoln WealthAccumulate IUL 2019 PBR and PennMutual Accumulation Builder Flex. The 6.15% serves as the maximum illustrated rate for any account within the product. They are well thought of in the IUL space. In this case, the index gain is above both the minimum index floor and the index cap rate, meaning that your accrual account gets a 13.5% gain.

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